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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Recipies for Palak Milagootal,Alu Palak, Tomato Thoku

Here are the recipies for Palak Milagootal, alu Palakand Onion and Tomato Thoku

Palak Millagootal

Boil the Palak with salt and haldi , then grind it

Grind Coconut, jeera and Red chilli

Boil Moongdal in cooker

Finally add the Palak grinded, grounded coconut  and dal and boil . When done bagar it with rai, urad dal and chana dal fried in oil.

Alu Palak

Fry onion in oil , then add the boiled potato, when it is well fried add tomatoes, then palak and add sambhar masala or garam masala according to your choice

Onion and Tomato Thoku

In Oil fry rai, uard dal, chanadal, when ready add  green chilly, ginger, onion and then add kadipatha and
tomatoes. Then add salt and haldi and LG powder. Then grind this fine . Again in oil add this grounded paste and make it thick. Thoku is ready to eat


  1. mouthwatering recipes viji ma. Want nice photos to drool on tooo.....

    Mira’s Talent Gallery

    :-) Mira

  2. Mira dear thanks . I had uploaded the photos dont know why it has not come