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Friday, March 2, 2012

The bond between mother and child

Myself and my husband had gone to Dubai in March to my daughter's house and were there for a month. I had the opportunity to meet my Indusladies site friends also. It was nice of my son in law to take us to all my friend's house and one or two places my daughter took me. Since my grand daughter is also there we enjoyed a lot. Had the opportunity to visit the different places also in Dubai.

On New Year's day one of my Indus Site friend Vijaya had come with her daughter Sandhya. Both are very friendly and loving and we did not feel that we are meeting for the first time. Sandhya was all the time taking photos of my granddaughter , Gopika. One of the photos is this one which I liked it very much. . It has come out natural and shows the bond between a mother and daughter. When I see this photo it reminds me of Goddess Mary with a child, Yashoda with Krishna. Such a beautiful photo it is and has come natural.

They were happy that they could take our blessings on New year's day. They had come with thambulam, lot of jasmine flowers, plantain, haldi , kumkum, a gold plated tray for me, Shiva idol with stones for my daughter and a cute bag which Gopika is holding and so pleased with the gift given by them. I wanted them to have lunch at our place but they only had payasam. Here is the tray given by them .


  1. Dear Viji mami, Please upload the photo of the tray. Your nice description of every detail makes me eager to see it.

  2. Mira dear thanks for yur comments

  3. Dear Viji,
    So happy to see your blog.Welcome to Blogland...

    Usha Srikumar (Shakambari in IL)

  4. Dear VijiMa...
    Yes the photo is very beautiful and it reminds me of Krishna Yashoda....Pls upload tray photo

    1. Vish dear thanks for your fb and encouragement.