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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Life is like a Novel

Life is like a Novel which is filled with suspense.  We have no idea what is going to happen until we turn the pages. We have to keep turning the pages and enjoy our life. God has given one more day to perform.

I have enjoyed each stage of my life. When I turn the page and come to Childhood days think of the days I  enjoyed with good and best friends. Played all sorts of games , had many friends. Friends and family made my childhood memorable.

Next came teenage. Grew up more by height and also learnt so many things. Was no more a child but still since I had elder brothers and sister I was treated as a kid only. In my family my grandmother used to stay she is still a kid and used to fulfill all my wishes. Miss my granny now.

Oh the time came to marry. But after marriage no more a kid was the eldest daughter in law so had many responsiblities. Though I was young at heart but as aresponsbile daughter in law had to take care of everything. Got respect from all the youngsters.

Was glad that I could perform my duties as a daughter in law well and got appreciation from the elders. Had the opportunity to do kanyadanam not only for my daughters but also for my dh's niece, to perform vradham for my dh's nephew, recently as my dh's niece's would be son in law's relatives were not there we were asked to sit as his parents during the engagement.

Now as a Senior Citizens glad that I get respect from everyone and get the opportunity to guide others in functions and also take part in the functions. Hope life continues like this till the end


  1. Dear Viji ma,

    Having met u in person , i know how warm hearted and a strong lady you are.
    This blog comes from your heart. I am so happy that you still cherish thelovely monemts of your life. You are a lovely teacher to us youngsters teaching about life in so many different ways.
    May god bless you with a lovley life so that you can teach us via your blogs.


  2. Dear Paru

    Glad to see you here and thanks for your first comment and appreciation. I am glad that you think me as a teacher but I am still a student in life. Learning many things from my experience. Still lot to learn in life


  3. nice sum up of your life and times. short, sweet and still says it all.

  4. Dear Satchi

    Glad to recieve your compliments