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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sometimes it's those little unexpected things in life that can make a big difference to us. 

Today was a day with surprises. First there was a phone call from my school friend who has been my close friend from 1957, till now we have contact with each other and we had a long chat. Then from morning suddenly my favourite site could not be logged in. Without sharing my experiences I feel lost. They say na in tamil mandai vedichchu poydum.

Today is my Office colleagues Birthday with whom I have worked for 36 years and we were very close. For his wife also I only selected name after they got married. Today I phoned him to wish him after a long time and he was so surprised and we had a long chat.

Today is my another close friend's Birthday with whom I used to travel in train and also in Contract Bus and our offices were nearby. It was a surprise that she came home with Payasam and flowers and Plantain. I felt happy because getting a flowers and plantain sitting at home from a Sumangali is very great for me. Also I could offer thambulam to her. Aadi Velli has been very good for me. Also I was happy that I could give her Ven pongal, Rava Kesari and she enjoyed.

Only thing I am missing my favourite site. Hope that is also solved by tomorrow

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